Scheme sale

As a form of construction and sale of the object, the buyer may be offered widely used in Germany form – “ZUG UM ZUG”, in the classical sense involves the purchase of a turn-based pay for it. Typically, in 7 steps. In our case, taking into account the wishes of potential Russian / Russian buyer, the number of steps can be increased to 10. In this case, the first installment is not less than 30% and is payable upon signing the purchase contract. The next steps are determined by the relevant agreement. (For Russian Buyer the amount of the first payment can be negotiated separately and adjusted downward)

This form meets the requirements of many potential buyers who want to be actively involved in the pro-process and adjust items in the course of construction.

Consequently, estimates of each of the next phase of construction can be made with due regard for the wishes of customers.
In addition, it is possible to mortgages (60%) of 3.5% in installments over 15 years.